Posted by: Hysam Darwan | May 24, 2014

What does it take to be an outstanding leader?


I think you will all agree that outstanding leaders all share the following:

  1. A clear vision: Leaders are able to paint a picture of the future that is both abstract (providing the imagination) and concrete (providing the incentive to climb on and drive to achieve it).
  2. A strong mission: Leaders know what their mission is. They have a clear understanding of why their organisation exists and they ensure that every member of their team understands and identifies with the mission.
  3. Expert communication skills: Outstanding leaders are natural communicators. They have the ability to easily and effectively convey ideas and abstract concepts such that they quickly and completely capture the imaginations of their audience.
  4. SMART goals: Leaders set goals that are aligned with the mission and vision but that are achievable and measurable so that their team knows they are being successful in their drive to achieve the vision.
  5. A high…

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