Posted by: Hysam Darwan | June 12, 2013

Yalın Üretim / Lean manufacturing

keep-calm-lean-is-a-long-term-philosophyz empresarios

“The first challenge is to get rid of unnecessary delays and costs. This is done by eliminating ‘fumbles’ – bottlenecks, changes, rework, and unnecessary work.”

-Lightning Strategies for Innovation, Willard I. Zangwill

What is lean ?

Lean is systematic approach of eliminating waste so every step adds value for the Customer.

What is value ?

Value: A capabilty provided to a customer at th right time at an appropriate, as defined by the customer.

  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Delivery

what is waste ?

waste is an activity that consumes time resources, or space but doesn’t add any value to the product and services.

The seven forms of  waste

  1. Overproduction( occurs   when production should have stopped)
  2. Transport( unnecessary movement of metarieals)
  3. Motion( Extra steps taken by employees due to inefficient layout )
  4. Waiting ( periods  of inactivity)
  5. Extra processing  (rework and reprocessing )
  6. Inventory ( excess inventory  not directly required for current…

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